Ela the Clown050 5646277Actress and clown, funny magic show, prizes and balloons, games, etc.
Monkey Park08 9285888
Michal's Zoo050 6441200
Petting Zoo02 5834750
054 7864448
Music (Shlomo)052 2520092Music, karaoke for private parties, etc. Disco music from the 60s, etc.
Muki the Clown08 9719220
054 5492394
Food stand rentals, wet and dry inflatable playgrounds, hot dog stands, popcorn, children's activities.
Event Attractions08 9264070
050 5353449
Food stand rentals for birthday parties, conferences, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc.
Iko the Magician050 5696430Exciting and funny magic shows, songs, games, dancing, etc.
Bat Shlomo - Body and Face Drawing052 8572466 אור ליGreat activites for birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, parties, daycares, etc.
Bilboola Matzikula the Clown050 6552612 נטליThe funny clown that will make your event fun. Dancing carnival, South American carnival, etc.
Barki the Magician052 5323126Magic Show - interaction with children, etc.
Pim Pam Poe052 2234634Inflatable playgrounds, cotton candy, popcorn, petting area, birthday and event rentals. Clowns and Magicians available.
Tamuz Theatre054 4588191 גילהBirthday parties for all ages. Children's shows, puppet shows, story hour, songs and dancing and real fun.
Birthdays with Dudi and Pini052 2621045For ages 2 to 5, big dolls, dancing, magic show, etc. For ages 6 to 8, dancing, thinking games, magic shows, karaoke, bungee, etc.
Birthday in Ligadudes (Children's World)052 3541234
08 9716876
Fun for children up to age 8. Jamboree, comfy, inflatable playgrounds, drawing areas, etc.
Kohav HaYeladim057 7333707
08 9760456
For birthdays, including activities, food, etc. Your choice of activites: clown, magic, theater, sports and challenging games.
South American Happy Birthday with Riko052 2320042
057 2320042
Food stands, jamboree, inflatable playgrounds, etc.
Uga Li054 5632594
054 4776772
08 9731567
Home made cakes for birthdays, events, etc.
Anatush - sweetest dreams come true054 4982788Orders should be placed 5 days in advance. Specially made birthday cakes, etc.
Anak HaPitzutz - for Birthdays and Parties08 9704503/4The best in the world! For birthdays and parties.
Pets and more054 7864448, 02 5834750Birthday parties with animals for daycares, afternoon daycares, and nurseries.

15% discount for trail activities.
Birthday Party Celebrations with Animals08 97100627 \ 054 4267189Puppet theater, magic and more...

Perfect for ages 2 through 6
Shlomit the Clown054 4722356Makeup, songs, dancing, games and more for birthday parties. Plenty of activities for all...
Asaf Seri - Freckles057 2234567Attractions for children of all ages: Fun days at schools and daycare centers, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, brit milah, end of the year school parties and more... Attractions include inflatable playgrounds, water games, sports, Jamboree and more... Email:
Alisa Gur050 7542444Animal and book theater. We provide entertainment for birthdays and provide children's shows.
Scott Seltzer, Awesome Juggler054 7845999World-class juggling and hilarious comedy will make your event truly

special. Professional performer with thousands of shows experience available

for all occasions. Information including photos, videos, and recommendations

can be found at
Liron the Clown052 8321615Liron the clown from the children's tv show! For birthdays and events.
Birthday Magic with Thiya054 2023531A rich show with variety. Theater stories with music, dancing, with live guitar performances.
Amnon the Clown052 2433611Birthday party activities, balloon designs, etc...
Mali David - For Birthday Parties054 2009610Birthday parties in the field of arts and crafts. Very experienced.
Yoav the Clown052 4420284Clown for birthday parties,
Yudale Mudale Clown0528594341Activities for birthdays for adults and children.
Inbal054 6700300Cake decorations, etc. for all birthdays!
Shiran Lotti052 4070224
Piniki Pooh Special Events052 3060849
Sivan Bason052 8522021Birthday parties or any other joyful event. Do you want to please the kids? Sivan the clown will turn your event into the best there is: inflatable playgrounds, shaped balloons, make up, amplifiers, big dolls, games, dancing, activities, and more... SIVANBASON@HOTMAIL.COM
Floroz08 9762555Birthday Flowers for 20 NIS.
Yifat the Story Teller054 2476797Story teller for children.
Lil' Orbits Mini DonutsTalia - 052 7272962, Ilana - 052 5821608Platters of mini donuts for childrens birthday parties with an assortment of toppings and sprinkles. Email -
Barak the Clown and Magician050
Monique's Theater052 8365741Email:

Dana Grey054 5865231I have a story hour, work in the field of music, have plays, etc. for children in pre-school.
Pinookiss052 3365672
Rony Taltaloni052 8976456
Shmuel (Magic, Clown)052 2673078
Irit the Sportswoman0523487770Sports style birthday parties for your body & health.
Bruria - Cake Outside of the Box052 3344443Delicious cakes for celebrations, upgrade-able and custom tailored to the issue at the request of the party or the birthday child. Cupcakes decorated by subject, cookies shaped keepsake. Sweet sessions for boys and girls. Guaranteed fun!