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Ha Erev St. (Shilat)

Operating Days: Sunday – Friday (incl.)
Operating Hours: 7:00 – 16:30, Fridays 7:00 – 13:00
Ages: 3 months to 3 years
Number of Children: 18 in mature class
Number of Classes: 3
Number of Employees: 9
Number of Meals: 4


Nice to meet you…
Shulamit Hamdi manager and pre-school teacher of Gan BaKfar. Einat Raz is responsible for the toddler’s class and she comes from Moshav Arugot. She served in the Nachal as a soldier pre-school teacher on Kibbutz Ein Gedi. She has a degree in social integration of children with PDD and 20 years experience in the field of education.


On the way from the village…
Gan BaKfar at Moshav Shilat has been under the supervision of the Early childhood Association Modi’in Regional Council for the last six years. The pre-school has two classes which meet strict safety regulations. Three playgrounds: a motoric playground, where there are wagons, hoops and balls to create whatever kind of courses the children can imagine; the scrap yard for socio-drama play and the yard on wheels which includes traffic signs, kiddy cars and driving routes.


What makes us special…
The day care activities, the staff and children are constantly supervised and guided by a pedagogic instructor, a team of medical personnel including a psychologist, speech therapist and occupational therapist. The daily routine of the day care is constructed and implemented to suit each age group. Breakfast and lunch are active meals and the food served is especially meticulous and healthy. Interaction between the children and the pre-school teachers is in accordance with the Ministry of Education. There are a range of artistic activities using water colors, finger paints, table water, clay and gouache paints so that the children can express themselves emotionally. There are walking trips for active learning and hiking into the open areas of the moshav to give them practical experience of the subjects covered in pre-school. The taste of a pomegranate straight from the tree, flowers, falling leaves, jumping in winter puddles, pressing olives and eating strawberries straight from the strawberry tree while tracing the route of the silk worms and more.


Approach the children with love or not at all…
For me every day is a surprise. Meeting with the day care children is like conducting an orchestra. Each child has his own tune and his own special key which is his alone and in order for all the instruments to play together you need to balance his own unique melody, tune, believe, invest and from there the way to harmony is simple.