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Operating Days: Sunday – Friday
Operating Hours: 07:00 – 17:00, Fridays 07:00 – 12:00
Ages: 1 year to 2.8 years
Number of Classes: 2
Number of Employees: 4
Number of Meals: 3


Day care teacher with 30 years experience in the preschool field.


The day care is located in a building intended specifically for the needs of the day care. A little bit about us: Before we know whether they can paint, cut and jump we need to understand what they are feeling. Because in our hearts we have a special place for each child!!! Everything suddenly fills up with happiness, smiles, a look and giggling laugh showing that it’s fun for kids to grow up in our day care. We start the morning with a loving hug and then discover our inquisitive minds. Eat with an appetite, tomato and cucumber and there is even time to learn about snails. In the yard play, have fun and also swing. Learn to count one and two and suddenly we get to lunch time. The tummy is rumbling and they’re thinking about food and when the tummy is full it’s nap time. And after we’ve eaten, played, rested and woken up what’s left but to wait – to see mom and dad or grandma. A big hug and kiss then goodbye until tomorrow.


Activities: The learning program and development is based on the children’s needs, and they are done through work in small groups throughout the day and take place in a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere. Planning: The daily schedule is such that each child can experience a number of areas. Fine motor skills, emotional creativity incorporating stories, puzzle board activities (lotto and puzzles), and dramatic play areas to encourage imagination. Gross motor skills: Movement in the yard and in the classroom, independence, to allow children to decide and do things for themselves. Various activities according to the appropriate stage of development for his age and individual abilities.


As a day care teacher with extensive experience in education I believe that you need to let a child experience, try and dare while emphasizing building the confidence and self esteem of the child, providing him with the tools to deal with challenges that he may encounter on the way to achieving his goals. You should visit the day care to get an impression and register.